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  • My Baby’s Pacifier (Part 3)—How Should I Care For It?

    Given that you now understand that with use your baby's pacifier becomes contaminated with germs that can make your baby sick, the next question is how to care for it. First, our studies have shown that new pacifiers in the package may be contaminated with...Full Post
  • My Baby’s Pacifier (Part 2)—When Should I Change It

    Our recent studies of baby pacifier have shown that these devices, even from “well baby” clinics, are substantially contaminated with bacteria, yeasts, and molds. This contamination occurs rapidly with use and within two weeks the complete germ attachment m

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  • My Baby’s Pacifier (Part 1)—Can It Become Contaminated

    The short answer is YES—baby pacifiers can and do become contaminated with use. Our most recent studies found that while most pacifiers have low levels to no microorganisms in the package, with use they rapidly become contaminated with germs that can produce

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  • Band Wind Musical Instruments (Part 4)--Can They Be Sanitized

    In deference to sterilization is sanitization. Sanitization does not completely eliminate all microorganisms--it merely reduces the numbers. Microbial diseases must have a critical number of germs in order to produce disease. While sanitization does not replace...Full Post
  • Band Wind Musical Instruments (Part 3)--Can They Be Sterilized

    Yes--band musical instruments can be sterilized. First you must realize that sterilization is the complete elimination of all microorganisms--bacteria, yeasts, and molds. Sterilization uses a gas (ethylene oxide) and is performed by companies that specialize...Full Post
  • Band Wind Musical Instruments (Part 2)--What Comes Out of the Bell

    Once it is recognized that band wind musical instruments are contaminated with disease-producing and allergy-producing germs, the next question is whether these germs are being blown out of the instrument bell. Our studies have shown that not only are the germs...Full Post
  • Band Wind Musical Instruments (Part 1)--Can They Transmit Diseases

    With the beginning of another school year come new people joining school bands. Often, because they are just beginning, parents are reluctant to purchase expensive wind musical instruments (clarinets, oboes, saxophones, trumpets, mellophones, trombones). To...Full Post
  • Protective Athletic Mouth-guards (Part 2)--Care and Replacement

    The function of a Protective Athletic Mouth-guard (PAM) is to protect the teeth from injury when an athlete is engaged in a contact sport. As with any such device, there is a potential for the device to become contaminated with germs and therefore, become a...Full Post
  • Protective Athletic Mouth-guards (Part 1)--Basic Types

    The purpose of a Protective Athletic Mouth-guard (PAM) is to protect the teeth from injury while playing contact sports. There are 2 basic forms of PAMs: (1) Boil and Bite and (2) Fitted. The Boil and Bite PAMs are available at sporting goods stores in a number

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  • Dentures (Part 2)--How Can I Reduce the Chances of Infection

    Recognizing that it only takes 8 hour of wear for a new denture to be contaminated with disease-producing germs, good denture hygiene is essential. First, you must understand that the solid appearance of the denture is not the microscopic reality. In the fa

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