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  • Connection: A True Path to Health and Happiness? By Robin H. Miller, MD and David...

    Connection: The True Path to Health and Happiness?

    In the movie City Slickers one of the main characters is Curly, a crusty guy who teaches the citified folks a thing or two about being real cowboys. There is a pivotal scene where Curly asks the main character...Full Post
  • Time to Dance! Dr Miller and David Es. Kahn MS, CPT

    The TV show Dancing with the Stars has brought attention to the fun and many health benefits of ballroom dancing. Watching stars lose weight and become fit is inspiring. Seeing how they enjoy themselves and in some cases find partners is exciting. As an...Full Post
  • Got Stress? Deal With It!

    Stress is inevitable in our lives. It is something that causes us to react with a fight or flight response. This response is something that has protected us through the ages. When confronted with a perceived dangerous situation, a chemical reaction in the...Full Post
  • Feel Better, Go Green!

    It is estimated that 10% or 27 million Americans are on antidepressants. The good news is that they can be very effective particularly for severe depression. They also can be helpful for mild to moderate depression. The other thing that has been found to...Full Post
  • To Lucy With Love

    To Lucy With Love

    I have written about my dog Lucy quite often in the context of how pets are good for our health. I plan on expanding on that a bit right now. We know from studies that pets help us in a variety of ways.

    They calm us down and help us...Full Post
  • How To Keep From Losing Your Mind

    Preventing Alzheimer’s disease

    It is estimated that by the year 2050, sixteen million Americans will have Alzheimer’s disease. Most of us are banking on miracle cures. However, until there is evidence that we are close to those treatments, it makes sense...Full Post
  • Eating For A Healthy New Year

    The New Year is upon us. Many of us resolve to eat a healthier diet.
    It is essential for healthy eating that we make good food choices. Here are some suggestions:

    1. Do you plan your menus ahead of time? So many of us are busy. If we can plan our...Full Post
  • What Will You Choose?

    I recently returned from a conference where I heard an amazing presentation. Dr. Stanley Hazen of the Cleveland Clinic presented data that showed a correlation between the consumption of L-carnitine and choline and levels of a substance in the gut that has...Full Post

    Global warming with crazy weather happenings, ISIS and domestic terrorism, the upcoming elections and the ranting of politicians, trying to help patients get well when they cannot afford the medications that will heal them, these are just a few things that...Full Post

    As a physician with conventional medical training, I often used to look at home remedies with skepticism. I have had several patients who have sworn that apple cider vinegar was good for whatever ailed them. Apple cider vinegar has been around for ages. Hip...Full Post