Dr. Mosaraf Ali, MD


Mosaraf Ali is a pioneer in integrated medicine. He blends the science of conventional medicine with elements of traditional systems such as Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda and Unani to produce a unique, safe and highly effective method of healthcare. His philosophy is based on the Hippocratic Principles, which state that we all have an innate healing power that can cure most ailments and restore well-being. Dr. Ali’s simple Lifestyle Programme of diet, massage, yoga and natural supplements nurtures this healing power. It has been developed over 28 years of clinical experience, working with patients from all walks of life, from the most disadvantaged to celebrities and royalty. Dr. Ali has written seven books and wrote a health column for six years in The Mail on Sunday and in Top Santé magazine. He trains doctors in integrated medicine, has carried out research into the effects of his massage therapy in stroke rehabilitation, speaks regularly at conferences around the world and heads the clinical spa at Castel Monastero in Tuscany, Italy, as well as practising from his central London clinic. He also has a charity clinic in a village in the Indian Himalayas, providing free medical care to over 50,000 needy people.



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