Dr. Mona Karimpour, MD


Dr. Mona Karimpour is a board certified Psychiatrist. She graduated from medical school at Western University. She completed her psychiatry residency program at the University of Texas at Southwestern in Dallas, Texas.

She has worked with college students for several years and has a particular interest in helping college students and women. She currently teaches mental health at Advanced College and the students scored well above the national average on standardized testing. She also conducts site visits as a team member in evaluating other allied health programs in colleges approved by their national accrediting agency.

She is well traveled through Europe (Spain, Italy, France), Asia (Japan), Middle East (Egypt, Turkey) and the United States. She is an active council member of Farhang, which is a non-religious, non-political, not-for-profit foundation celebrating Iranian art and culture in Southern California. She is fluent in Farsi, and familiar with Spanish.



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