Dr. Michelle Cleere - Sharecare Fitness Expert, PhD


Dr. Michelle Cleere specializes in breaking emotional patterns that hold most exercisers and athletes back from achieving their best. She has successfully coached hundreds of exercisers, triathletes, cyclists and marathoners to overcome anxiety, fear and mental blocks to get more out of their training, obtain better results and lead more balanced lives. Some common problems she works with include: transitioning from training to competition, overtraining/burnout, overcoming injury, pre-race anxiety (nerves), fear of success/failure, fear of open water, fear of hills (cycling & running), overcoming negative self talk, being in the zone, focus, emotional eating, lack of motivation, time management, weight loss, and drop out, etc. 

When most people want to make a physical change, whether starting an exercise program or training for a triathlon, they focus on a training plan, exercise and diet. Eventually the mind rebels and that's what makes achieving these goals so difficult. Dr. Michelle's unique approach focuses on making the mind an ally. Her research and experience has proven that it's necessary for lasting results. 

With a PhD in Clinical Psychology and an MA in Sports Psychology, Dr. Michelle is one of the leading experts in exercise and sports psychology. She serves on the faculty of JFK University, works with Doctor Oz and has written for Triathlete Magazine and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is also the author of: The Experience of Participating in a Triathlon: from the perspective of two women.

Dr. Michelle grew up overweight, but learned that through mental preparation she could be healthy, love exercise and later became an endurance athlete. It's her passion to share what she's learned through her life experiences and in her education about moving beyond the physical into the mental to find true success.


• PhD Clinical Psychology, Center for Psychological Services
• MA Sports Psychology, John F. Kennedy University 

• Personal Training Certification, NASM
• Triathlon Coaching Certification, USAT