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  • Low on sleep, teenagers behave in risky ways

    Lack of sleep increases risks for injury

    If you’re a parent, you know that lack of sleep can make your teen grouchy and distracted, irritable and low energy. Did you know that insufficient sleep also puts teenagers at greater risk for injury?

    Scientists...Full Post
  • Statins for sleep apnea?

    New details, possible treatment in the link between heart disease and sleep apnea

    People with obstructive sleep apnea are at significantly increased risk for cardiovascular disease. The relationship between the two conditions is complex, and the mechanisms...Full Post
  • Sleeping like babies…or not so much?

    The latest sleep news for parents

    Parents have their children’s sleep to think about, as well as tending to their own rest. With so much going on during the waking day, sleep sometimes gets pushed aside or overlooked. While understandable, it’s not in p...Full Post
  • The social and behavioral costs of sleeplessness to the workplace

    Sleep is an essential daily resource—essential to life and basic functioning, essential to health, essential to productivity and performance, to the successful accomplishment of all we seek to achieve in our professional and personal lives. For years, we’ve...Full Post
  • Low on Vitamin D, sleep suffers

    We’re nearing the end of what’s been a long winter for people in many parts of the United States. In the middle and northern regions of the U.S., where winter brings not only cold but limited sun, people aren’t only deprived of warmth, they also may be deficient...Full Post
  • Tweeting, not sleeping? What is your Social Media/Sleep Balance? New research...

    Social media has become a fixture of modern life, a constant stream of information coming and going, and a way to stay perpetually connected. I love social media, it keeps me in touch with friends, family, and all of the people out there who are interested...Full Post
  • Living—and sleeping—mindfully: What science is telling us about how mindfulness...

    In recent years, we’ve seen a surge of interest in the benefits of mindfulness to health and well being. Mindfulness practices are increasingly being investigated, tested, and used as tools in preventing and treating physical and psychological dysfunction and...Full Post
  • A new, more sleep-friendly iPhone on the way? Its about time!

    Apple takes steps to address the iPhone’s sleep-disrupting light

    We learned this week that Apple is moving toward making its handheld devices more sleep friendly. Included in an upgrade for Apple’s iOS operating system is an app called “Night Shift,” which...Full Post
  • Unlocking the sleep-gut connection

    New research on sleep and the world of the microbiome

    There’s a lot of discussion these days about gut health—about how a healthy gut can support overall health, and about the ways a compromised gut may contribute to illness and disease. We’re learning co...Full Post
  • Is sleep technology making good on its promise to improve sleep?

    New technologies try to solve age-old sleep problems

    Do you track your sleep with a wristband or a bedroom sleep monitor? Are you working with a sleep app for guidance on how to relieve insomnia or some other sleep problem? If so, you are part of a growing...Full Post