Dr. Katrina Bramstedt, PhD


Dr. Katrina Bramstedt - AskTheEthicist.com

Dr. Bramstedt is a Professor at Bond University School of Medicine and also a private practice clinical ethicist.  Formerly on staff at the Cleveland Clinic, her specialty focus includes organ and composite tissue transplantation (e.g., face and hand transplants), implantable medical devices, and critical care medicine.  She lectures nationally and internationally and has authored more than 85 journal articles and book chapters, as well as three books.  Dr. Bramstedt is also an Associate Editor at the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, as well as an Editorial Consultant at The Lancet.  In her role as an ethicist, she works with patients, families and medical teams to resolve ethical dilemmas involving a variety of situations including decision-making capacity, refusal of treatment, futility, end-of-life care, and quality of life.  She has performed over 900 clinical ethics consultations.