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  • Small Particle Air Pollution & Kidney Disease

    2.5 million US Veterans were followed for 8 years to evaluate if exposure to air pollution – specifically fine particle air pollution contributed to an increase in kidney disease. It is well established that poor air quality specifically fine particles (<2.5...Full Post
  • Liquid Biopsy for Nasopharyngeal Cancer

    A breakthrough! A DNA test looking for EBV (Epstein Barr virus) in the blood can detect with 100% sensitivity and specificity a diagnosis of nasopharyngeal cancer. EBV is also known as herpesvirus 4 – the culprit in infectious ‘mono’. In China where 35 of 100,000...Full Post

    Would you help a friend or stranger with their medication in an emergency? Decide beforehand whether to stop and assist or to get help for them. Are you a Good Samaritan?
    It is common for us to carry intervention or rescue medications in case of emergencies....Full Post
  • Apps & Organ Donor Registration

    Apple is partnering with Donate Life America to make organ donation easier.
    Yes, since 2014, Apple Health App on your iPhone has allowed you to set your Medical ID to list yourself as an organ donor.
    Now iOS 10 will sync with Donate a Life, allowing for...Full Post
  • Opioid Overdose – Now So Common

    The leading cause of accidental death in the USA is NOT vehicular accidents, but opioid overdoses. Yearly, 17,000 people die.
    Opioid overdose is often an accident; due to interaction with substances (alcohol) or other medication, too much opioid...Full Post
  • Do You Know Cost and Quality of Health Care

    We have all heard how the USA spends much on health care, a large percentage of the gross domestic product. A caveat is that all the information collected in the past has come from Medicare data.

    Now data and information is available to show the wide picture...Full Post