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  • Healthy Holidays! - Nutrition, Exercise, Rest and Cleaner Teeth = Healthier You...

    The holiday season is in full swing - hear comes 2012! And with the new year, of course, there are a new set of resolutions. This list may run long (I know it is for me), so we’ll focus on what I think is the most important - attaining the best possible health! Because

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  • Overcoming Dental Anxiety

    A dental visit can be a highly emotional experience. Often, it is our first experience in the dentist chair that shapes our attitudes towards the dental profession, dental treatment and even our own dental health. Can you recall your first dental visit? Was

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  • How To Have a Cavity-Free Dental Check-Up

    Here are the major take-home points of this article:

    First, eat sweets only in moderation (less than every day), these include sodas, chewing gum, cough drops and hard candy, sticky candy, junk food. Instead use sugar-free alternatives, such as xylitol-sweetened

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  • Oral Piercings and Dental Health

    Oral piercings have become quite common. In my San Francisco dental practice, I have seen patients with barbells and hoops, in their lips, tongues, cheeks and even frenum. Because of the unique features of the oral environment, these locations require special...Full Post