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I graduated New York Chiropractic college in 1980 and began practicing in 1981. The initial thrust of my practice was the dance community so my techniques for treatment had to change to a more proactive, less rest orientated one.  I saw the need for a better active rehabilitation program and was introduced to Romana Kryshanowska from  the original classical Pilates studio. I immediately saw the stability that my patients received in their daily life and the need for less care from me after taking part in this program. There was a correction being made in their musculoskeletal system that gave them confidence and reduced the exacerbations they suffered from.  Classical Pilates, which was movement -based , took the fear out of their head and empowered them to live and move.

Soon after, I began referring all of my patients to the studio and then opened our own in association with the chiropractic office.  Then due to the demand for better teachers, I opened Power Pilates as an Education center that certified teachers in classical Pilates. It now could be taught system by system with an understanding of what was happening in the person’s body and give the teacher the tools necessary to communicate the brilliance of this work by knowing when to progress someone and when to pull back. We now have the largest education company in classical Pilates that spans 9,000 teachers in 9 different languages.  The goal is simple- Inspire the world to a healthier way of life through classical Pilates.  Movement heals you! Utilizing the teaching tools that are common to our Pilates program, we are introducing these tools to other curriculums as well under Apogee Wellness, teaching instructors the Art of Teaching, which includes communication and leadership  into all movement modalities.



  • HFPN, NYU School of Physical Therapy, New York Chiropractic College


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  • Dr. Howard Sichel - New York, NY - Physical Therapy
    Dr. Howard Sichel answered:

    What is chronic pain?

    chronic pain is one of the most common reasons people seek out medical care. The solutions for dealing with chronic pain, many times, is in the hands of the individual . You have to be willing to make some lifestyle changes and become consistent in your workouts. That consistency in a balanced movement...Read More
  • Dr. Howard Sichel - New York, NY - Physical Therapy
    Dr. Howard Sichel answered:

    How can I manage chronic pain?

    The majority of dollars spent in the US health care system is for the treatment of chronic pain. The majority of days taken from work are from the effects of chronic pain. This is an epidemic in this country and needs to be dealt with. The solution is simple. We have to empower people by getting

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  • Dr. Howard Sichel - New York, NY - Physical Therapy
    Dr. Howard Sichel answered:

    How much cardio exercise do I need for health benefits?

    You can look up all of the guidelines for how much CV exercise to do but my suggestion is to just start doing more than you are now and slowly increase it to 30 -45 minutes of exercise 4-5 x per week. Find something you enjoy doing and stick to it. Anything is better than nothing so get out there...Read More
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