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  • Timely/Prompt Dental Treatment

    Q: Why should I have my teeth treated by a dentist if they don’t hurt?
    A: I’ve sometimes heard the old phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applied to dental care. The fact is, even if the teeth don’t hurt, they definitely can still be “broken”. That’s why dentists...Full Post
  • Miltary Deployment Readiness

    The National Guard Deployment Readiness event has been rescheduled. Dr. Tuttle will participate, providing dental diagnostic and treatment services to troops (Sioux Falls) Fri17Feb-Sun19Feb. Looks to be quite the 'marathon'--hours 4:00-10:00pm Fri; 10-11hour...Full Post
  • Maximizing Dental Insurance Benefits

    Q: Are some ways of claiming dental insurance better than others?

    A: At Mid-Lakes Dentistry, our many years of experience have shown us that there are ways to claim insurance to maximize your benefits. This is knowledge we use every time we claim your insurance—as our pa

    ...Full Post
  • Differential Diagnosis

    A differential diagnosis is essentially a list of diseases/disorders that could be the cause of symptoms a person is having, and the signs that the doctor/health care provider is observing. One should be cautious when attempting to self-diagnose, because...Full Post
  • Dry socket

    I hear questions about dry socket, rather regularly. In the great majority of cases, removal of a tooth is a routine procedure, and is followed by a period of very little discomfort. In a small percentage (less than 5%) of cases, a dry socket may develop,...Full Post
  • Soreness with new denture

    New denture that isn't quite "comfortable"? It is actually quite "normal" that with a new denture, a few visits to the dentist's clinic might be needed to adjust that denture. Especially if there is a spot--or spots--where pressure feels sharp or is dev...Full Post
  • Pain with new tooth fillings?

    Got discomfort after new fillings were placed? This is not uncommon. When we're numb (and laying back in the dental chair), we often do not bite as we normally would. The dentist then may not be able to accurately adjust your bite, once new fillings are...Full Post
  • Wisdom Teeth

    Do all wisdom teeth need to be removed? No--In some cases, a person has enough room for the wisdom teeth to "fit"--they are able to erupt and function much as any other tooth in the mouth. Among the most common reasons for wisdom teeth to need to be removed...Full Post
  • "Immediate" dentures

    An immediate denture is any denture that is placed at the same appointment a tooth or teeth are removed. The fit will vary greatly from person to person, but will rarely be considered completed until a "reline" is done on the denture. This should take...Full Post
  • HHS names oral health a 'Leading Health Indicator'

    The U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services has officially announced the link between oral health and general health by dubbing dental health as a 'Leading Health Indicator'. The HHS is encouraging regular dental care visits to maintain and improve one's...Full Post