So how many of us have seen children 5-4-3- even 2 years commandeering their parents iPads for games, videos, painting, or downloading?

It’s hard not to mention that few of us have read the owners manual for this new digital toy- I mean tool. So here are a couple of excellent suggestions for kidproofing your iPad courtesy of Warren Buckleitner in the New York Times Gadgetwise column:

So how can you block children downloading ‘stuff’ to your iPad? Prevent installation or deletion of apps, block access to the iTunes Store, Face time, video chat, as well as remove YouTube and Safari icons from your home screen, and more. Navigate to this great site at Apple Support: Also available there is a link to additional parental controls.

When you finally reunite with your iPad, you can reverse all the restrictions easily by going to the Settings menu to General and tapping Restrictions. Type in your passcode (established earlier using the URL above). Then tap the Disable Restrictions button and BINGO-your adult iPad restored.

Of course if you want to deal with the frustration that total iPad excommunication will engender, try this: go to Settings - General and tap Passcode Lock to set up a screen demanding a passcode before anyone can use the device. Then stand back with a stopwatch and see how fast your (older) digital genius can gain access with a little help from their favorite search engine. For younger ‘digerati’ I would recommend earplugs and a strong constitution.

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we cannot see.”   - Neil Postman