You guys. Listen. Enough.
IKEA has re-announced their recall of their MALM and other furniture because another child died when the furniture fell over.

As a mother, my heart breaks for the parents. As an ER doctor, I’ll never forget the children I’ve taken care of in this situation. I’ll never forget the look in the parents’ eyes, as their expressions are a combination of beseeching me to save their child, and the blame they put on themselves for not securing the furniture.

I don’t want to see that expression in a mother’s eyes. Ever again.

And you can help with that. Because you can secure your own furniture to the wall. It’s easy ( if you need directions, watch this video on how to do it).

If it’s taller than 3 feet, secure it. If it has a TV on it, secure the TV too.

Please. Do it today.
Love, Dr. Darria