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  • ACL Injury Prevention in Youth Sports

    A recent study by Labella et al demonstrates that a 15 minutes exercise program involving stretching, strengthening, balance, and plyometric exercises can reduce the number of ACL and other lower extremity injuries in high school female athletes.

    This study

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  • Static Stretching Prior to Exercise: Is it OK?

    A recent systematic literature review (click on link for additional information on this topic) has examined the influence of static stretching on different measures of physical performance. This topic of static stretching has been the source of a significant

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  • Exercise is the Best Medicine

    Great video by Dr. Mike Evans describing the massive health benefits of exercise. It is an entertaining and enlightening short video that really demonstrates the power of physical activity on changing our lives for the better.

    To view the video click on the

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  • Hip Strengthening and Running Biomechanics

    Will RW, Davis IS. The effects of a hip-strengthening program on mechanics during running and during a single-leg squat. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther 41(9):625-632, 2011.

    Note: This study demonstrates that a hip strengthening program performed 3-times per week

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  • Ankle Dorsiflexion Motion and Knee Pain

    A recent study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine revealed that restricted ankle dorsiflexion motion (how far you can pull your foot up towards your shin) is a factor related to an increased risk of developing patella tendinopathy (chronic

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  • Decreasing Knee Pain During Exercise

    A recent study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine (Coppack et al., The Effects of Exercise for the Prevention of Overuse Anterior Knee Pain - A Randomized Controlled Trial) demonstrates that a simple set of pre-participation exercises can

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  • Evidence Based Solutions for Knee Pain

    Many individuals experience chronic knee pain in the front part of their knee. This can be a major barrier to maintaining a physically active lifestyle. Thus, it is important to identify solutions that can minimize these symptoms for those experiencing these...Full Post
  • Exercise is the best medicine

    Two separate research studies have been recently published that show the tremendous benefits of regular exercise as a way to prevent both colon cancer and osteoarthritis.

    In the study investigating osteoarthritis, it was found that regular exercise (3 times

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  • Technique Matters

    As you either begin or continue on with your fitness program make sure to pay close attention to the form you use when performing each exercise. By using correct form when performing your exercises you will maximize the effectiveness of each exercise, thus

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