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  • Pain, Prayer, And Presumptions

    I was reading Mary Baker Eddy's Christian Science text which places prayer first for medical care. Eddy is clear that sometimes the answer to prayer is no. But in 1875, prayer was a good option.

    Today, we have a bewildering number of medical options. And...Full Post
  • Creating Connections In A Busy Healthcare World.

    One of the best parts of my work is taking over an hour with every patient. It's a fantasy for most of my conventional colleagues, and it sometimes gives us miraculous results.

    How else would you describe resolving extreme fatigue for a man who'd been to...Full Post
  • Keeping Bifocals At Bay: Eye Push ups

    I wrote a book about eye health called The Eye Diet. It kept me from needing to switch to the nightmare of trifocals. But almost no one has read it. So I decided to make a short, simple summary for a busy world. The book has all the research, but here are...Full Post
  • Si lees en español, aquí hay un libro para ti.

  • The Dementia Diet: Slowing Neurocognitive Decline Or How Not To Lose Your Memories.

    just finished writing a book on memory and dementia, and I have some good news and bad news. The good news is that we can do something about dementia. It's easy, straightforward, and we've only started to get a handle on it in the last ten years.

    I also cover...Full Post
  • How Many of Us Self-Prescribe?

    I am constantly amazed by the number of patients who have grocer bags full of self-prescribed supplements. Even as I sort through what are often contradictory and even contraindicated herbal medications, I find myself wondering if I would do better on x or

    ...Full Post