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  • Three Quick Tips for Saving the Earth

    Outsmart the brain boobie-traps that make you wasteful

    Last Saturday night at a birthday soiree, I got to sit across from one of UC Berkeley's cutting-edge ocean researchers. I asked him to explain to me how climate change is affecting fish populations, and

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  • Three Surprising Truths About Teens

    If you could ask any question of a wise and experienced neuroscientist and pediatrician, one who specializes in the secret emotional life and bizarre brain activity of your adolescent child, what would you ask?

    I recently had the great opportunity to

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  • Fighting Holiday Fatigue? Give Thanks.

    With Thanksgiving and Hanukkah behind us, but Christmas, Kwanza, and New Year’s still ahead, many Americans are starting to feel, well, tired during this busy holiday season. There is good news, though: the holidays really are the best time of the year to foster...Full Post
  • What Would You Trade for 50% More Money? Americans May Be Trading-off Happiness

    What if, at the end of the year, you could have half your annual income as a bonus? The catch: you must give up something important.

    New York Life released their “Keep Good Going” report today, a survey of more than 2,000 Americans that assesses how people cultivate g

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