I’ll let you in on a secret: if you want to get fit, don’t focus on what I call those mirror muscles: your chest, arms, the back and all those things you see in the mirror. 
You want to work on the small muscles, on stabilization. It’s as easy as standing on one leg. Lift one foot (it doesn’t matter how high) and hold it for 60 seconds or longer, if you can. How are you going to maintain your balance? You’ll have to tighten that butt, suck in those abs. Now switch over to the other leg.  If you really engage your muscles you'll sweat more than you ever thought possible. Do this a few times every day and you will see a difference. 

Here’s another simple move, and you do it starting in bed. The second you get up out of bed, lay back down, get back up again, 10 times. I do this every morning and guess what? I work my stomach, I work my legs, I work my arms, I work my chest. I'm working all of these major muscle groups. It’s a secret move that can work for you, too. Want to firm those abs even more?  Join the  Sit-Ups Challenge. You’ll melt that belly flab just in time to hit the beach. Let’s get started!