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  • Easy Way to Boost Calorie Burn

    Your cell phone may double as your iPod, and that’s okay – but constantly looking down to check Facebook in between repetitions or while you’re on the treadmill is not. Use your time at the gym to focus on what you set out to do – burn calories and tone up....Full Post
  • Join Me in the 10K Steps Challenge!

    Walking outdoors is a great way to reconnect with nature. Not only will your body feel great, but your spirit will feel amazing. One goal everyone should have is to walk 10k steps per day – even if you’ve done another workout that day. It’s that important to...Full Post
  • Why Fitness Really Matters

    Losing weight is an added bonus for vanity purposes. However, there is nothing better than being fit. Having a healthy, fit body is essential to daily functions such as carrying groceries, climbing stairs, taking the grandchildren for a walk or hanging out...Full Post
  • Progress You Can See

    “Slow progress is better than no progress." Though you might not see a huge change in your body, I can guarantee that if you take the time to look back, you will notice major enhancements in yourself when you join one of our Fitness Challenges – but you have...Full Post
  • Picture a Flatter Belly

    When I start working with new clients I’ll ask them, "Where do you want to see your body a year from now and what can you do to stop blocking yourself from getting there? Did this happen because you caused it or is it out of your control?” I love to get people...Full Post
  • Look and Feel Amazing with This Move

    I have been doing push-ups for a very long time and I can tell you that the benefits are amazing. You will improve upper body strength, a stronger core, better posture, improved confidence and much more. All I need from you is just 20 a day. If you cannot find...Full Post
  • Secret Workout Tips

    I’ll let you in on a secret: if you want to get fit, don’t focus on what I call those mirror muscles: your chest, arms, the back and all those things you see in the mirror.

    You want to work on the small muscles, on stabilization. It’s as easy as standing...Full Post
  • Which exercise gives the fastest results?

    I know, we’re all in a hurry, especially when it comes to fitness. You want to see that belly shrink. You want those bat wings to fly away. You want to firm up for bathing suit season. So what can you do? I recommend that you sign up for one of our Fitness...Full Post
  • Avoid This Workout Mistake!

    One of the most common exercise mistakes I see people make every day is trying to do too much all in one shot. If you can’t lift 20 pounds, go down to 5 pounds and work your way up. If you can’t lift 50 pounds go down to 20. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t...Full Post
  • Let Your Brain Work For You

    Fitness does not begin from the physical, it begins from the mind. What you think is what you get. So if you’re thinking, I cannot do this and I will not do this, then chances are you won’t do it and you won’t be able to do it. It’s time to switch that around....Full Post