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  • Demythify Diets with 1.5 hours of continuing ed and NASM CEUs!

    Tired of trying to sort through the diet maze? My new course, Diet Dilemma (sub-title Diet until you drop or not) reviews 30 diets, recommends what to take and what to leave,and demythifies the kooky, $-driven world of fad diets. This 1.5 hour course covers popular diets along with...Full Post
  • What now?

    After 11 weeks of talking with you, guiding you and getting AMAZING GUIDANCE from so many of you, I imagine some of you are thinking “now what?” Whether you have met your weight loss goal or still have some to lose, the answer is the same – KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!! Did your

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  • Is cheating OK?

    Nope, this is not the cover of a supermarket tabloid! I’m thinking a lot these days about the concept of diet cheats. I have long maintained a list of healthy foods that seem too good to be true, and I think of these as “cheats.” Not because we are cheating the system – we all know that eating well, staying conscious,

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  • Calories? Servings? Exchanges? Points? Help!

    There are so many weight loss programs out there; it can be daunting and frustrating to try to separate fact from fiction. One promises 10 pounds off in 10 days, but the other promises life long weight loss. Do you have to give up one for the other? If so, how are we

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    After an undergrad curriculum in dietetics, a Registered Dietitian program with clinical internship, and graduate school to achieve a master’s degree in human nutrition, does it really all come down to my recommendation of fruit and vegetables? Sort of. I have worked with many healthy meal planning systems in my career -- Counting Calories, the Weight

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  • Do I have to clean my plate?

    Many of you are posting that you feel like your been assigned too much food, and some of your are even working to meet your Sharecare Dr. Oz program calorie total. First, let me briefly explain how we got that number, and second, some thoughts on do you need to reach it every day. The

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  • Does SIMPLE mean EASY?

    After two decades of working with people on weight loss and healthy eating, I come back over and over to the same germinal messages – eat well (and possibly a little less), move more, and “sign up for life.” The other day a patient said to me, “you make it sound so easy,” and I realized immediately

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  • Is it time for New Years resolutions…Yet!?

    A patient today asked, “Why don’t you just close up shop between Thanksgiving and New Years?” “No one,” he said “really wants to hear what you have to say during this time.” Thick skinned as I am, I smiled and said he was going to have to listen anyway, and I congratulated him on showing up for his app

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  • Happy Holidays and the Fixer-Upper House Theory

    Around this time of year, people become especially aware of lifestyle behaviors and the “threat” of the holidays. I begin to see clients concerned about particular foods and weighing the “risks and benefits” of each with sometimes microscopic attention.

    One client

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