Deb Froehlich , NASM Elite Trainer


‎"How we look and feel is a direct correlation to what we put in our body (80%) and what we do with our body (20%)" - Deb Froehlich
Health, Fitness, Wellness and helping others improve the way they live, work and play is my passion.  

Improving wellness is a journey and if you're looking for positive influence and guidance, I'm happy to help.

What other people are saying about Deb Froehlich “Coach Deb Fitness”

"Able to motivate the unmotivated." Tom C.

Your knowledge about Fitness and the bio-mechanics of the body is exceptional to say the least” – Mechelle B.

You know your stuff, you explain things very well” Helen C.

“Knowledgeable about nutrition and the whole body concept”- Michelle D.

“Coach Deb Fitness” was founded in 2009 by Deb Froehlich. After helping hundreds of clients achieve their health and wellness goals, she’s expanded her unique angle to the web.

Deb Froehlich's (“Coach Deb Fitness") approach to Health and Fitness is extremely effective because it addresses ALL aspects of wellness.  A Holistic technique including much more than “Diet and Exercise”. Specifically, she uses the perfect blend of Western and Eastern methods that produce lasting results. 



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