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  • Lose Up To 14 Pounds In Your Sleep

    [media id="PRD__4cd40fca29b234_54847582" title="Couple Asleep in Bed 02"] Dr Oz says that you can lose up to 14 pounds in a year in your sleep. You think he's right? I have to agree. Maybe that's one of the factors that's contributed to my fat loss since I've

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  • The #1 Belly Fat Producer and Health Destroyer

    [media id="PRD__4c8e6c75d3a898_40271249" title="Wheat Bran"] Could the #1 belly fat producer and health destroyer be a food that most of us eat every day? I have to admit that I've been resistant to the thought of it (especially because I'm half Italian), but

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  • Ditch Your Weight Loss and Fitness New Years Resolutions!

    [media id="PRD__4cfe489585fbc5_24082938" title="Young Couple at Party"] New Years fitness and weight loss resolutions are a waste of your time. Not sure about this, but I'm guessing that I'm one of the very few Fitness Pros that will be dolling out this advice.

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  • No More Plastic Furniture Covers!

    [media id="PRD__4cfe4d4a1e7786_30754231" title="Women Talking with Tropical Drinks"] Yep that's right, NO more plastic furniture covers in my life. You're probably wondering, what that's got to do with Health and Fitness and why am I'm writing about it in

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  • Thanksgiving, Football, Black Friday and Fat…3 Tips To Prevent Holiday Weight...

    [media id="PRD__4c8d1e2d0bc809_81498385" title="Scale and Weight Loss"] Thursday isn't only about turkey, football and black friday eve, it also marks the beginning of the holiday weight gain season. Although the average numbers gained is a bit controversial,

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  • Fat Loss Plateau? 3 Big Reasons Your Body Stops Losing Fat

    [media id="PRD__4c8d1e2d0bc809_81498385" title="Scale and Weight Loss"] Fat loss plateaus and figuring out the reasons why they happen can be frustrating for sure, but it doesn't have to be a that way. You can bust through them. All you have to do is have a

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  • 10 Reasons To Say NO To GMO Salmon!

    [media id="DEV__4c81021a1d9671_66373924" title="Salmon"] So far the House has voted to block the FDA approval of genetically modified salmon. Hopefully we can stop the legal availability of these "Frankenfish".

    Seriously??? Farm raised salmon is bad enough,

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  • 5 Cool Tips For Hot Summer Workouts

    [media id="PRD__4cfe48d7235018_76485468" title="Family Rafting Trip"] It’s officially summer and extreme heat and humidity are upon us. Well that is for most of us, not here yet. I've been enjoying the cool weather and have been very grateful that I haven't had to deal with

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  • How to set up a Home Gym

    [media id="PRD__4cc8695838b219_78338122" title="Woman Working Out with Resistance Band"]

    Working out at home has so many advantages. Convenience, time saver, reduced expense, privacy and eliminating that intimidation factor of going to a gym or health club.

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  • Lacking Energy? Your Diet Could be The Cause

    [media id="PRD__4c911b75f37fd1_27981683" title="Eating Ice Cream Cone"] Are you lacking energy? If so, take a look at what you’re eating and drinking because your diet may be the culprit.

    I understand that I may sound like a broken record, but it's with out

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