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I'm a full-time independent fitness professional based out of the north shore of Long Island, NY. My clients are a true reflection of me and are positive, dedicated, warm, and passionate people. Together we are energized and have a great time developing ourselves and leading happier & healthier lives for ourselves and our loved ones.

My involvement in health & fitness began as teen when I started training with a close friend for a golden-glove boxing match. I never questioned the need for exercise; it just instinctually felt like a very good thing to do. The training breeded superior health and confidence that transcended all areas of my life; academic, social, financial, romantic, and overall physiological health.

Years later, I began working in the financial sector in New York City and watched co-workers and the community at large trade their personal health for short-lived financial gain and material excess. I also watched several close friends and family members give in to circumstance and needlessly neglect their health suffering from life-threatening diseases that are easily preventable with diet and exercise. The volatility and stress of that lifestyle made me realize something that will stay with me forever; if you don't have your health, you have nothing!

I decided to invest myself fully in becoming a fitness professional in an effort to help as many people as possible strike a balance in their lives; a balance between committment to career and a committment to personal health and happiness. I began working with people from all walks of life at Equinox Fitness in Great Neck, NY from young mothers that wanted to shed the baby weight to post-operation elderly clients with osteoperosis, diabetes, dysfunctional joints, herniated discs, depression, heart disease, and high blood pressure. I've worked with physicians, corporate executives, high-profile actors, school teachers, truck drivers, and everyone in between. The overwhelming commonality between them is this: fitness training and healthy eating is their foremost medicine and the universal fountain of youth.

I'm committed to this life-long endeavor and am consistently investing in continuing education. With the world-class education that I have achieved by way of the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer and Equinox Fitness Institute as a Tier III fitness professional, I am armed with a high degree of ability to help you reach your fitness goals.

My primary aim is to debunk the perception that living a healthy lifestyle is too difficult to participate in by simplifying the education and logistics that are involved. I can help you immensely, wherever you are at right now, if only given the opportunity. I'm patient and resourceful; leverage my help and contact me right now!

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