Many people think of the weekend as a hard time to stay healthy. For some, there’s Saturday pizza night with the grandkids. For others, there’s Friday happy hour with friends and adult beverages.
But I challenge you all to think differently about the weekend. It’s the perfect time to really focus on your health -- and have a great time doing it. Here’s why:
  • Instead of cramming in a 30-minute workout, you have time to go on a long walk with family or friends. Sure, you might have to really bundle up -- but I guarantee you’ll feel refreshed when you get back home. Exercise, quality time with others and just being out in nature are proven mood-boosters.
  • Instead of rushing to get dinner on the table, you have time to plan and cook a meal. Some of you may think, “That’s no fun.” But it’s a lot of fun when the meal is homemade pizza! You can pile it high with veggies, go easy on the cheese and get your whole family involved.
  • Instead of focusing on long-term health goals, you can set and achieve weekend health goals. This is part of SMART goal setting, which really sets you up for success.
Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend. Let me know how you chose to make yours healthy.