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Carolyn Thomas has been described by cardiologist Dr. John Mandrola as "a heart attack survivor-turned-heart health evangelist". She's a 2008 graduate of the 'WomenHeart Science & Leadership Symposium' at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota - the first Canadian ever invited to attend this prestigious training program.  Since returning home to the West Coast from Mayo, Carolyn has done public  presentations about women and heart disease to thousands of people, including at her signature "Pinot & Prevention" events. She was named by 'Our Bodies Ourselves of Boston as one of their 2009 "Women's Health Heroes" in recognition of her community health activism. Her blog about women's heart health - HEART SISTERS - - has attracted hundreds of thousands of readers from 133 countries, and is included in ShareCare's 2012 list of "Heart Disease Top 10 Online Influencers".  HEART SISTERS was also named one of Healthline's "10 Best Heart Disease Blogs".


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    Both men and women experience what are called "atypical" heart attack symptoms, but women may experience symptoms that are more vague than the textbook "Hollywood Heart Attack" we imagine when we think about cardiac events. It's important to remember that about 40% of us experience NO chest symptoms at all even in mid-heart...Read More
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    There are some important risks that are unique to women. For example, pregnancy complications like pre-eclampsia have recently been identified as important risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Canadian Dr. Graeme Smith's research at Queen's University suggests a 2-3 fold increased risk of heart...Read More
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    Cardiovascular disease needs to be moved up to the #1 position on this Top 5 list - it kills 5-6 times more women, for example, than breast cancer does each year, and in fact kills more women than ALL forms of cancer combined. It kills more women than men annually, too - and that stat has been true...Read More
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    Margarine has been around for more than 100 years. It came into widespread use following the Second World War -- largely because of its cheap price. But margarine's heart-healthy claims may not be as well-founded as their manufacturers would like us to believe.

    For example, most of the omega-3...Read More
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    When my kidlets were little, their favorite after-school snack was what we called "Ants on a Log" -- celery sticks, spread with crunchy peanut butter (natural, not the sugar-added kind) and dotted with dried cranberries or raisins. Fun, delicious and a healthy way to fill that gap between lunch and...Read More