Carol Cottrill


The very act of dieting is a set up for failure. 45 million Americans are on a diet right now—and as a nation we are fatter than ever before.

Dieting does more long-term harm than good by teaching us to ignore our body’s natural internal cues around eating—about hunger or fullness, taste and preference while replacing these instincts with the external dictates of a diet.

My desire to unravel this obsession was sparked by my own two-year stint with an overzealous fitness trainer who preached a low-carb regimen. What began as an innocent attempt to improve my diet and fitness level ended in unwarranted restrictive eating and extreme exercise. I didn’t know how to get off the treadmill- literally and figuratively.

As a nutritional consultant I’ve spent years studying dieting and the negative effect it has on hundreds of women. Every day in my practice a woman tells me that she can’t be trusted to make the right food choices for herself. What she really can’t trust is the dieting that required her to abandon her freedom, choice and happiness for a craze. A craze that left her heavier mentally and physically than when she started.

I’ve helped many people come to terms with the futility of fad dieting. It can be done, and while there is no silver bullet, there is a natural, tried and true approach to weight management, that dare I say is pleasurable- even decadent!

Can it be? Is this notion of living better, feeling in control of our lives and eating naturally without being subjugated to someone’s diet plan simply too good to be true?

There are many examples of people around the world whose culture supports an authentic lifestyle with the added benefit of longevity. In my book, The French Twist: Twelve Secrets of Decadent Dining and Natural Weight Management I zeroed in on the French way of eating as a case in point; the French adhere to a centuries old philosophy, a value system of reverence and respect around food and dining. And let’s not forget about the red wine, bread, cheese and pastries.

In my New York nutritional practice my specialty is weight management and unraveling the disordered eating that results from an obsession with being thin. I counsel clients who include celebrities from the worlds of fashion, music, medicine and business focusing on the ways that the modern day science in the psychology of eating- the science that relates the pleasure center of the brain to a more efficient metabolism, unites the time honored practices of cultures around the globe who eat better and live longer, happier and slimmer lives.

You’ll also find me contributing on Dr. Mehmet Oz’s interactive social Q & A platform as well as in the media speaking and writing nationally about ditching the deprivation diet, viewing exercise as play and discovering freedom and pleasure while eating real, delicious food.



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