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  • 6 Easy Tips to Add Healthy, Whole Foods to Your Diet

    Most Americans grew up on processed foods. I know it was around our house! Processed foods are very prevalent today. We buy them in high quantities because of the convenience factor. Extremely processed foods get a bad rap for good reason - many nutrients...Full Post
  • Why Making Time for Vacation is Important

    Family vacations were a high point for me growing up. It was a time to explore and learn about the world. We didn’t have a lot of money and that required a bit of creativity. I consider myself lucky that my parents took the time for breaks in their schedule...Full Post
  • A Simple Way To Please Foodies And Picky Eaters

    Food has a way of making some people worry. We all have that relative or friend who is a picky eater that you don’t want to offend. Then you have foodies who are into gourmet and trendy dishes with “interesting” ingredients. You can’t please everyone, right?...Full Post
  • 5 Benefits of Cross-Training (Even If You’re 50+)

    You’re reading this article probably because you are interested in improving your health. Awesome! It takes more than interest though – it takes some action.

    There is no magic pill. If you just focus on “products” to help you lose weight or look younger,...Full Post
  • 7 Simple Reminders When Dealing With the Stress of Death

    You know it’s probably not a good thing when the phone rings at 1am.
    My mom called me from the hospital and woke me with terrible news. My stepfather died from a massive heart attack. How can this happen to a “healthy” and vibrant person? He was only 64...Full Post
  • Why You Really Need to Take Care of Your Skin

    “Because you live in your skin.” A good skin care regimen and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay the natural aging process and prevent various skin problems, such as skin cancer.

    The largest organ in your body is your skin, yet is something many take...Full Post
  • 6 Reasons Why it’s Okay to Cry

    What is wrong with me? Nothing really.

    It seems that I cry more these days as I have gotten older. My stoic husband can get weepy when watching a sappy movie sometimes (he will deny this). But some people tend to cry more naturally than others and I fit into...Full Post
  • Crafting Is Cheaper Than Therapy

    My husband said he is going to cut my access to the internet because I keep finding cool projects to make that require his help. He’s kidding of course. I think.

    One of my traditions for the holidays is to make at least one new decoration each year, parti...Full Post