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  • The Ups and Downs of Living Well

    A recent graph that appeared on Gallup’s “Well-Being” page reports an interesting fluctuation in health and wellness trends. Seems last month the More Good fell behind the Less Bad. Meaning that more people put their well being on the back burner while they...Full Post
  • Soaking Up the Sunshine Vitamin

    Vitamin D, commonly referred to as the sunshine vitamin, is produced in your skin in response to sunlight. You body needs D to regulate the absorption of calcium, development of bones and teeth and improved resistance to diseases like MS, heart disease and...Full Post
  • The Importance of Getting Your Zzzzs

    7 hours of sleep a night has been extolled as a cure for what ails you for decades. Although scientists aren't entirely sure why we sleep, they have many ideas about the functions of this mysterious part of our lives. Research has shown that chronic sleepl...Full Post
  • Go Nuts for Peanuts

    You don’t have to shell out big bucks to get the health benefits of nuts. According to a new study published online this week in JAMA Internal Medicine, the less pricey peanut appears to do just fine in helping to prevent heart disease and in extending life...Full Post
  • Pesticides Threaten Men Below the Belt

    Mounting research shows certain bug, fungus, and weed killers wreak havoc on guys' hormonal systems, with some chemicals escalating male cancer risk while others sink sperm counts.

    "There is fairly compelling evidence that a number of chemicals widely used in...Full Post
  • America's Protein Party

    Americans have become obsessed with dietary protein products; bars, shakes and fortified cereals have become hot products at the grocery store. Science tells us that proteins are the building blocks of the body. They help boost energy, curb appetite and burn...Full Post
  • Eat No Evil

    I know a lot about food, so trust me when I say you can be a food expert and still wind up with a GMO product in your cart. If you've ever felt confused about the good vs. the evil, here's a good rule of thumb. GMO, or genetically modified organism, also known...Full Post
  • More or Less: Sweet Tooth Check Up

    My sweet tooth is front and center. I grew it that way. Over the years, the sweeter the better, and I got there with honey, sugar, and pink, blue and yellow packaged fake sweet stuff before I knocked it all off. I’m like you, likely, so to the question we all...Full Post
  • Quitting the Caffeine Crutch

    Caffeine and I have had an interesting relationship with one another. It's been a love affair of sorts. The smell, the grinds, the filter, the drip...oh the beautiful dark drip of yum yum going down into the carafe before going down into my belly.

    But all...Full Post
  • The Psychology Behind Birth Order

    One of the most controversial aspects of family systems is the notion of birth order, that is, the order in which a child is born. Research has shown that birth order can be as important gender and genetics in determining the personality of each child. In my...Full Post