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  • The Day That Changed My Life

    Thirty years ago today, May 23rd, my mom died after a four month “battle” with what doctors said was liver cancer. Now that I know a little more (well, kind of…), I’m thinking it may have been pancreatic cancer. Still, 30 years ago today. So officially, I’ve

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  • I Love Serendipity!

    Who around us hasn’t had the experience where you thought, “Wow, I don’t know why that just happened, but I’ll chalk it up to serendipity.” OK, maybe exactly those thoughts, but close enough.

    There are alot of other synonyms for serendipity—-luck, karma,

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  • Recognizing Mother's Day

    Many years ago, I lost my mother to cancer. She was 61, I was 23. In the early years after her death, Mother’s Day was a cruel reminder of my life-altering loss, particularly as most of my friends went back to visit their moms and celebrate the day or I happened to find

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  • What A Difference 25 Years Makes!

    This week I hosted a reception for filmmaker Kathy Douglas, an RN producing a film about the roles of nurses. The energy generated by the 25 nurses at the event was very positive and as Kathy spoke to the group about her motivation for the film, it was hard

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  • Long Live the Nurse Shark!

    Imagine my surprise when I learned this week that there is such a creature called a Nurse Shark!

    This past week I attended a fundraiser for the Philadelphia Chapter of the ALS Foundation at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ. Part of the event allowed

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  • A Preventable Death

    This past weekend, a young woman was declared brain dead after efforts to dissolve a clot in her brain were unsuccessful. She had been in good health, prior to experiencing a headache for two weeks that ‘came and went.’

    Her parents made a heart wrenching

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  • Can Gratitude Enhance Your Health?

    Can a grateful heart enhance your health? A growing body of research says, "Yes." Gratitude, as a conscious practice, offers a whole host of health benefits.

    Gratitude promotes physical and emotional well-being, improves one's ability to cope with stress

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  • A Week's Worth of Health Care in Honduras

    A dear friend of mine and of Guardian Nurses, who also happens to be a family practice physician, ventured to Honduras last week on a medical mission. Upon hearing her compelling stories of her week providing primary care to thousands of rural residents, I

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  • "The Liver is Unremarkable"

    As I have made mention of in previous posts, I love language and words. And the occasional humorous terminology as it is used without intending to be humorous, in healthcare. I guess only nurses like me find it funny.

    Take for instance the sentence, “The liver is unremarkable.

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  • Resolve This Year To Give Blood

    Since 1970, January has been recognized as National Blood Donor Month.

    Here are some good-to-know facts about our country's blood supply from the American Red Cross:

    1. The demand for transfusions is growing faster than donations.

    2. Less than 38% of

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