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  • Your Community Matters

    You might have guessed by now, that I am very passionate about living a life that is healthy and well. And when an idea lands on me that I think is thought provoking, I can’t wait to share it. So its been fun for me to share some ideas with you all via blogs, and videos. But the aspect that I am e...Full Post
  • A Bit of Travel

    I’m leaving tomorrow for a trip to China. I’ll spend time in both Beijing and Shanghai where I will have the pleasure of training fitness instructors. I’m blessed to have an opportunity to share my thoughts, ideas and strategies with a group of young men and women...Full Post
  • The Scale Isn’t Changing….What Am I Doing Wrong?

    (Change Happens From The Inside Out….And It Is Already Happening!)

    I’ve been hearing from a lot of you that you are getting a bit stuck.

    You are following your nutrition guidelines, you are exercising, but the pounds aren’t coming off. Or the “same two” pounds

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  • I’m Trying To Change And No-One Is helping Me!

    I get it. Your family is sick of broiled chicken and broccoli. Your friends try to talk you out of exercise class to go to happy hour. Your co-worker eats junk food all day and is a stick. Someone else does the grocery shopping and there isn’t a piece of fruit

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  • Change Creates Change

    My husband was teasing me the other day as he peeked over my shoulder to read the blog I was writing. I’m probably the worst typist in the world, so that’s always worth a few jokes in and of itself. But at the moment he was more focused in on the fact that I was suggesting that change is hard....Full Post
  • Body Image Building Blocks (Why a World View Matters)

    When I was first married, my husband was serving with the US ARMY in Afghanistan. He often sent me pictures of local people that he came he across. My favorite picture is simply the faces of a group of young girls all clumped together. Each and every one of them were looking up at the camera and smiling...Full Post
  • Body Image Building Blacks (Why Your Best Friend Matters)

    We’ve been talking about the process of “re-shaping” our body image. In a sense it’s the “picture” we see when we see ourselves. So take a moment and reflect on your best friend. Write down everything you admire about them. Why are they so important to you? What...Full Post
  • Body Image Building Blocks (Why Yoga Matters)

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    Here is the question so many of you are asking, “Can I really improve my Body Image?”

    And by that, what I think you mean

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  • The Space Between Giving Up and Suffering

    So here we are, about one third of the way through the 11 week challenge.Are your old habits calling you back? Are you frustrated because the scale isn’t changing as much as you thought it would? Are you asking yourself if it’s really worth it? If you are,...Full Post
  • Commitment versus Sacrifice

    Recently I attended the Yoga Journal Conference in San Francisco. One of the highlights for me was listening to Dr. Dean Ornish’s key-note address. (Dr. Ornish is an expert on the Sharecare site, so you will want to check out his profile page.) He had a ton of very interesting facts,

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