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  • Forks Over Knives Website

    Those who read my blogs (and I'm sure there is at least one of you out there, LOL), know that I changed my diet over 6 years ago, and completely turned my health around. I started looking at the science of nutrition, not the hype of the latest craze or best

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  • Fruit Betty

    It's not Friday, but in honor of the holiday weekend, here is a tasty, healthy fruit dessert.

    Fruit Betty

    This recipe is adapted from one I saw in The Health-Promoting Cookbook, by Alan Goldhamer


    2 apples, cored and thinly sliced

    2 pears, cored

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  • Taco Corn Pie

    It's Friday, which means a new recipe from Quick Wellness :)

    Taco Corn Pie

    This recipe is from the Wellness Forum and was on an insert in their package of Corn Meal Bread. I love that the mixes from the Wellness Forum are very healthy, and I don't have to

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  • Comfort Casserole with Tomato Sauce

    I keep a blog on my own website, with lots of articles and recipes. Today I'm reposting a recipe that I made earlier this week that was a big hit with my family. Now, a few caveats, I don't make white pasta, I use wholegrain, high fiber, vegetable, multigrain,

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  • Working out at Home, it's easier than you think!

    Are you skipping exercise because you can't get the gym? Is the gym too expensive? Parking difficult to find? Hours not convenient for you? Is your optimal time to workout everyone else's favorite time, so there are lines for the equipment? You might

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  • Don't ignore the beeping, it could save your life!

    Today’s health post is a bit different from my usual ones, but I think it’s important and potentially life-saving. We had some excitement in my house this weekend! On Thursday night, one of the CO detectors in the house started beeping. We changed the ba

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  • Are you in an exercise rut?

    Are you in an exercise rut? Feel like you are doing the same thing over and over, and not seeing results? Or maybe you are bored with your exercise, so it's more tempting to skip the workout?

    What you really need is a change of pace. Our bodies adapt to

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  • Mixed Grains

    My rice cooker is one of my favorite kitchen appliances. It is very easy for me to add rice, water/broth and some seasonings, turn it on and then forget about it. Mine has a keep warm feature, so as long as I remember to actually start it before dinner time,

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  • Cooking without oil!

    I found a great blog post this morning and thought you guys might enjoy it.

    I advocate eating a whole foods, plant-based diet, and I don't recommend adding in any oils. Oils are very concentrated processed foods. They are 4000 calories/pound, and add nothing

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  • Water, my favorite light summer "cocktail"

    Some emailed me with the suggestion to do a blog post about light cocktail recipes. Personally, I'm still in weight-loss mode, and alcohol at 7 calories/gram does not fit into my daily plan. I look at alcohol as a treat. Something to have on a rare occasion.

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