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Ariane Zurcher is a writer, public speaker and Huffington Post blogger. She is the author of the blog Emma's Hope Book, which was intended as a document of her daughter's journey through a childhood of autism–and her parent’s hopes for her future. Emma’s Hope Book has since evolved into a blog about Ariane’s often fumbling, occasionally humorous journey as she navigates the tricky terrain of parenthood while maintaining her marriage and some semblance of order in her chaotic life. Ariane's writing has been published in such magazines as Allure, Options, Elle, Aspen Magazine, among others as well as on numerous blogs. Ariane Zurcher wrote the foreward to Judy Endow’s latest book, Painted Words: Aspects of Autism Translated published by Cambridge Book Review Press, Spring 2013 and is the voice of Barb Rentenbach for the audiobook version of Barb Rentenbach and Lois Prislovsky’s book, I might be you. Ariane Zurcher has spoken at conferences such as the 2012 Autcom Conference and will be a presenter at the Institute for Communication and Inclusion in July, 2013 as well as webinars and numerous radio shows and podcasts. Ariane Zurcher is currently working on a book about Autism and Friendship with Elizabeteh J. Grace, PhD.


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