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  • Tips for dining out...

    It is not necessarily a matter of which foods to avoid more than the manner in which they are prepared and presented. Appetizers that are deep fried, cream or butter-based sauces, or offered as an "all you can eat" option are best avoided. Foods that are prepared...Full Post
  • Meditation does a body wonders!!

    Meditation leads to changes in the body known as the relaxation response. These changes accompany deep relaxation and may include:

    Reduced heart rate and blood pressure, reduced respiratory rate and oxygen consumption, reduced blood flow to skeletal muscles,...Full Post
  • Egg White and Turkey (or tofu) Scramble

    My Version of the Egg White and Turkey (or tofu) Scramble Made into individual serving Breakfast/Brunch or Anytime Casserole (modified from the Clean Eating Diet)

    8 egg whites

    1 cup low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese

    1 pound of LEAN ground turkey or

    ...Full Post
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