Specialties: Nutrition, weight loss and diabetic education
We spoke with Anne Brock, RDN, LD, specializing in weight loss and diabetic education at West Valley Medical Center in Caldwell, Idaho, to learn why she chose her specialty, the most rewarding part of her job and more.

What made you choose your specialty?
I wanted to help people find their health through food, especially because I have a passion for food. I love cooking and I found that I really enjoyed spreading nutrition education.

What's the most rewarding part of your job?
The most rewarding thing is having someone come back who has learned that they can accomplish their goals through strong nutrition. Whether they’ve decreased portion sizes, or they’ve committed to trying out a new fruit every week, it’s rewarding to see how passionate people become about nutrition once they realize they can meet their goals.
How do you keep your healthy eating habits on track when cravings hit?
The best way is with portion control. If I do have a craving, I stick to an appropriate portion size. Something that helps is, if I have a salty craving, I make popcorn at home. I have an air popper and I’ll just put a little bit of garlic powder on top of the bowl. I don't put any oil or butter on it, just the garlic powder to help give it a little flavor.

If I have a sweet tooth, my favorite kitchen gadget is an ice cream maker. When I make ice cream at home, I try to make it dairy free, flavored with a lot of different fresh fruits. You can also buy nice blends of frozen fruit. That helps add a bit more sweetness, without getting nearly as many of the refined sugars that you would with store-bought ice cream.

What's your favorite healthy lunch on the go?
I really like tuna fish with some whole-wheat crackers, or I also enjoy a piece of toast with avocado and sliced tomato on top.