Woo hoo! You've been working hard on your health & fitness goals—you're almost there! Did you hit your target or are you still on your way? Either way, you now have the tools and know-how you need to succeed. Stop long enough to pat yourself on the back for a job well done, then sprint into Phase 2 of the Challenge—the rest of your life!

Share your success here on Sharecare by taking an "after" picture of yourself and post it on your profile page. Share your success with your friends and family.  By now, they are probably noticing a lot of the changes in you and may have even commented on how great you look!  

What new physical activities have you taken up?  Do you hike, ride a bike, do you have a favorite cardio class at the gym?  Invite friends to join you and keep the fun growing.

Your success is a testament to the power of setting smart, achievable goals. Now it's time to pick a new goal, one that will keep you moving forward with energy and determination. Why not sign up for a charity walk or run? Committing to a 10K or other event in support of your favorite cause will give your workouts a new purpose.  You may want to check out websites like active.com that list thousands of charity events across the country.  

Happy, healthy lifetime!