We are all aware that diets don't work.  If they did, obesity would not be an issue.  The problem with diets is that you cannot stay on them forever.  Once you go off a diet, you are almost guaranteed to gain all the weight back that you lost and then some.  You absolutely must make lifestyle changes.  Daily physical activity is a must as is portion control and better food choices.

Lifestyle changes work best when your friends and family support and encourage you. Get your spouse and children involved in a physical activity you can all enjoy. Experiment to find healthy dishes the whole family will eat.

Instead of making your family outings a trip to a local restaurant, make it a trip to a local park for a hike and/or play.

Need some healthy recipe suggestions?  There are so many websites available now that have delicious and nutritious, low-calorie recipes.  eatingwell.com, cookinglight.com, forksoverknives.com (if you are interested in vegetarian/vegan recipes), and so many more.

Lifestyle changes require baby steps, but one can climb mountains with those baby steps! 

Now get out there and get steppin'!

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