Can you believe we've almost made it through another year?  The holidays are upon us, and so are all those parties and foods that can easily add to the waistline.  Here are some suggestions for avoiding that dreaded holiday weight gain.

  • Nutrient-dense foods.  They are more filling, provide optimal nutrition to prevent food cravings & keep energy levels high.
  • Take high-quality supplements that provide optimal nutrition to prevent food cravings & keep energy levels high.
  • Balanced nutrition shakes & bars with protein, carbs, essential fatty acids & fiber will help balance blood sugar, promote detoxification, and lower the inflammation that holds on to belly fat.
When we feed our bodies whole foods in their most natural form, our bodies are able to absorb and utilize the nutrients the way nature intended.  We eat less, resulting in fewer calories consumed.  When we feed our bodies calorie-dense junk food, our body will force us to keep eating until it has the sufficient amount of nutrients in order to function properly.  Ergo, we crave more food. Nutrient-dense foods tend to be bulkier (not heavier), filling us up much faster.  You will notice once you start feeding your body properly, your cravings will disappear, and you will be much less hungry.

Never skip meals in anticipation of over-indulging later in the day.  You are much better off if you eat regular meals throughout the day, and snack on a healthy snack prior to going to any holiday party.  If its a pot luck, bring a deliciously healthy appetizer with you so you know that you'll have at least one good choice.

Stay tuned for more recommendations.