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  • Seven Reasons Why Your Medications Are Not Working Right

    Seven Reasons Why Your Medications Are Not Working Right

    What happens when medication doesn’t bring your condition under control? Usually, it’s not just one single issue but various factors that contribute to the problem. Your doctor will work to figure...Full Post
  • Pain Care Improving in Hospitals, but Slowly and Minimally

    Pain management in hospitals is improving across the board, but not as much as might be hoped, according to the results of a study pending publication. The study found a statistically significant increase in patient satisfaction with pain care in government...Full Post
  • Improving Doctor-Patient Communication with Emerging Digital Technology

    With the growing demand of patient demands, change in healthcare delivery with Affordable Care Act, physicians are asked to adapt to these changes rapidly. In order to be efficient and provide this level of care to patients, the use of digital technology in...Full Post
  • ​Can Genetic Testing Help Treat Pain More Effectively?

    Experts report that approximately $300 billion is wasted each year on drugs which apparently do not work in people who have certain genes. These people never receive the full benefit from these drugs. Others are getting dangerous side effects. Personalized...Full Post
  • Struggling to Manage Pain

    Many medical stories recently have discussed the issue of pain management. A Consumer Reports survey reported a particularly compelling finding: 97 percent of doctors polled thought they were at least somewhat effective at minimizing pain and discomfort. Within that...Full Post
  • How to Have a Pain Free Hospital Stay

    Too often patients feel like they’re in the passenger seat when entering the hospital. Even in the best of circumstances — such as planned admissions — patients often don’t feel in control of their own care.

    One of the most unnecessary issues facing patients when they...Full Post
  • Steps to Improve Your Hospital Stay

    housands of patients undergo surgery every day, but many are unaware how to better ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Too often patients feel like they’re in the passenger’s seat when entering the hospital, even under the best circumstances. When planning...Full Post