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  • You are in control!

    December is host to an entire season of temptations. Buffets,cookies, candies, alcohol, extra helpings, and more extra helpings can wreak havoc on all your good efforts. You have worked so hard to make positive changes on the path to forever wellness, that December

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  • The EveryWoman Credo

    Being perfect is unattainable. Being stronger, fitter, healthier and confident is. Superwomen are overrated. An EveryWoman is real. She is a multitasker with many roles and sometimes she forgets what day of the week it is. She may work outside of the home or as a full-time parent,

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  • The Morning After

    What do you do the "morning after" a 3 day holiday weekend? Instead of feeling remorseful or regretful for overindulging, try getting back on track starting Tuesday at breakfast. Log in your meal, plan your exercise for the day, and get busy focusing on the...Full Post
  • Meet Your Ab Muscles!

    Sure, they look fabulous in a six pack and help protect your lower back, but do you really know your abs?

    Meet the rectus abdominis- the largest muscle is a wide, flat sheet that runs down your middle from your lower chest to a few inches below your belly

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  • When The Going Gets Tough

    Motivation is an attribute that wanes over time. It starts out with good intentions and somewhere along the way tapers off. It is buoyed by “you can do it!” and “don’t give up!” and sabotaged with “one slice won’t hurt” and “I’ll start again on Monday.”

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  • I Want to Be Your Cheerleader!

    Welcome Move It and Lose It Warriors! Everyone needs a little encouragement now and then and this is especially true when you are navigating the path toward wellness. Some of you have started this routine of weight loss and deprivation every January, only

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  • The First Mile

    You’ve heard the saying “every journey starts with a single step”- well, every marathon starts with just one mile. I joined a marathon group while living in Heidelberg, Germany in 2003, along with many other marathon wannabees. A woman named Peach had recently lost 80

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  • Looking Good

    If motivation is half the battle to working out, then looking good is worth at least a quarter. The old adage of when you look good, you feel good holds true even as you are sweating. Put on a ratty t-shirt and sweats and you might be good for half a lap...Full Post
  • Making One Meaningful Difference

    It seems to me that when someone decides to lose weight, “get healthy” or shape up, that massive deprivation settles in. A goal/finish line is chosen and for a specified period of time, best behavior reigns supreme. The goal is met and finally you can relax again.

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  • Group Exercise

    Until a year ago, the most recent group exercise class I participated in was circa 1990- old school aerobics to the sounds of C & C Music Factory. I purposefully avoided group classes at the gym because I concluded that I was better on my own, and bonus- wouldn’t be a

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