Adam Bullock , NASM Elite Trainer


Adam Bullock has been enjoying Wellness and Fitness as a lifestyle since 2005. Before then he was living a relatively un-healthy college party lifestyle. At the time he weighed roughly 70 lbs. heavier, topping out at a max weight of 220 pounds on a 5 foot 6 inch frame. He finally was able to make the choice to begin a healthier lifestyle and began dropping bad habits that were the root cause of his unhealthy lifestyle. With just this lifestyle change he saw some weight come off and was proud of the hard work, but the real changes began when he received the help of knowledgeable and encouraging people that constantly "building me up and holding me accountable through the challenges in life and my exercise." Together with hard work you can be the best you.

If you were to ask Adam what his most important tenants in life are he'll tell you, lead by example and pay forward all kindness that comes around. As a team Adam, and yourself will work to reach your Wellness and Fitness goals whether those goals are increasing activity, losing weight, preparing for outdoors activity, fight style training, or gaining muscle mass.

Throughout life Adam has had numerous years experience in the sports of wrestling, ice hockey, climbing, cycling, and skateboarding. In the exercise realm he is a cycle instructor, fitness coach, and personal trainer. Adam's favorite aspect of Wellness and Fitness is thinking outside of the box and coming up new and exciting ways to work out: i.e. using house hold items to simulate a complete workout you would receive in a gym facility or using nature to challenge the body with a holistic outdoors experience.

He is now a proud team member of the Sporting Club at the Bellevue in Philadelphia. This is the premier health and wellness facility in Philadelphia. If you are in Philadelphia, PA this is the place to be, if not, check out the Sporting Club's website at: or feel free to ask questions here on Sharecare.

Cheers to your health!! 



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