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Lose Weight

No more excuses! Take charge of your weight with personal workouts, online tools and expert support. Find it all on the fitness tab of your profile page.

Feel Great

Double your chances of success! Use our free logging tools and start tracking your food, activity and weight with our easy to use trackers.

Transform Yourself

Get expert fitness and nutritional guidance in Transform YOU, our FREE, personalized weight loss program. Start now!

Available to you in Fitness:

Your Health on Your Terms

Access your personal Fitness tab from your profile page. Join recommended programs, start healthy challenges and stay connected to your network of support.

Your Fit Score

Measure your overall fitness with your Fit Score located within your Fitness tab. This personalized number keeps track of healthy behavior and rises as you increase activity, helping you create healthy habits along the way.

Join to Meet Your Health Goals

With weekly guided support, easy-to-implement action plans and expert advice you can't find anywhere else, you can achieve all your healthy aspirations!

Track Your Progress Over Time

You'd be amazed at the difference logging makes. People who track are more successful managing their weight – it's proven! Our food, weight and activity trackers are simple to use and designed to help you reach your goals. Log it and lose it!

Challenge Yourself

For every healthy action you take, you can gain points and earn badges to display on Sharecare. Start earning points now by logging your food and activities, following Sharecare experts and even cheering on other Sharecare members. See how many badges you can earn!

Questions about the Fitness application and/or the Transform You2 Program? Visit our FAQ page.