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How can I get an overview of the Groups and Challenges features?

Customer Support September 18, 2016

Thanks for your interest in the Groups and Challenges features on Sharecare. This handy guide will walk you through getting the most from your experience!

How do I get an answer to my health question?

Customer Support May 28, 2013

Sharecare.com is great resource to find a multitude of answers to your health and wellness related questions. Simply type the question in the Search field at the top of every page on the Sharecare site. This will give you a listing of related questions and topics with answers from health and wellness Experts on the Sharecare site. From there you can also explore other Related Questions and learn more about the contributing Experts and Organizations by clicking their names and visiting their Profile Pages. IMPORTANT MESSAGE: If you are seeking assistance on a matter involving medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, urgent health care, personal safety, the safety of others or any other issue requiring immediate attention, please do not use this support tool or web site. IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING OR HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF AN EMERGENCY INVOLVING IMMEDIATE DANGER OR PHYSICAL HARM TO YOU OR TO ANOTHER, PLEASE CALL 911 OR YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES.

How do I update my physician profile?

Customer Support May 28, 2013

At this time, only Provider Data Service agents have the ability to access and update directory profiles, and we will gladly update your profile for you. To update any information on your profile, please contact Provider Data Services at profileupdates@sharecare.com. When requesting an update, please provide the URL to your existing Sharecare.com profile, and/or your NPI (National Provider Identifier) number. Please also provide the specific changes you would like us to make to your profile.