I am an adolescent and I relapsed. How did it happen?

Sheila Dunnells
Addiction Medicine
Relapse is not an isolated event that suddenly happens. Most often, especially with young adults, there are obvious clues leading up to it. One of the most common is that the young person begins to seek out his/her former friends. You drop in at a party with the old gang. You hang out after a school event in the place you used to do drugs. Or, you check in with your supplier "just to see how he is doing." You definitely learned in recovery that in order to stay clean you would have to find new friends. There is a reason for this. They are an occasion for relapse. When you notice you are gravitating back toward your drug friends, you are putting yourself in harm's way.

If you relapsed, take it for what it is. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and cut the ties with the drug crowd.

There are many emotional reasons involved in relapse but to interrupt a relapse, notice when your behavior changes.

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