Why does my yoga class focus on poses rather than breath and meditation?

Breath is the most essential, vital and intimate relationship you have with life. Your breath nourishes your body. We always practice breath awareness in a yoga class first. Your breath is used to relax your body, regulate your body temperature and ease the mind.

In order to get to the deeper and subtler aspects of a yoga practice, like meditation, it is important to get your body into optimal health and alignment. Like an onion, yoga starts with the outer skin, the physical postures, and peels away layers of aches, pains, poor postural habits and injuries. As you can imagine, if your muscles are tense and your mind is stressed, breath and meditation will be quite difficult, so we use the postures to release this tension. As we alleviate this and the physical form graduates toward healthier states, we create an environment for more ease in the mind, more breath awareness and meditation.

You will find that in more advanced yoga classes there is more emphasis on breath and meditation.

Not all forms of yoga, or yoga instructors are the same. Some forms of yoga are very gentle and focus heavily on breathing and meditation and some forms focus more on difficult to perform poses. If you are not satisfied with the style of yoga you are performing at your studio try different studios and instructors until you find the right blend that best suits your needs.

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