What is laughter yoga?

Laughter yoga combines laughter with deep breathing. Laughter exercises help reduce stress and anxiety, and improve disposition and mood.

Some common laughter exercises include:

  • Cell Phone Laughter- Laugh while talking on an imaginary cell phone
  • Gradient Laughter – Start with a smile, then giggle, and gradually increase to a full belly laugh
  • Greeting Laughter- Greet everyone with a handshake and a laugh versus normal conversation
  • No Money Laughter- Laugh as you turn your empty pockets inside out.

Laughter yoga involves deep breathing, stretches and exercises to get you to laugh for no reason so you can reap the health benefits of laughter: reduced stress, low anxiety and a happy immune system. The instructor is the only person allowed to talk. Sessions start with rhythmic clapping and include pantomime and fake laughs that often generate real ones.

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