What are the benefits of prenatal yoga?

Yoga has many benefits all around especially in the realm of flexibility and stress relief. Prenatal yoga is no exception to these benefits and also offers mommies-to-be a few extras such as:

  • Lowers risk of preeclampsia
  • Lowers resting heart rate
  • Increases hip flexibility
  • Increases lung capacity
  • Decreases symptoms of stress and worry
  • Readies the body for labor
  • Helps the body to adjust to labor and post natal physical changes

Yoga is a wonderful addition to any fitness regime and recommended for prenatal clients.


Many women take their first yoga class when they are pregnant and end up continuing their practice long after childbirth. Pregnant women are naturally inwardly focused due to continual changes happening in the body and their awareness of the new life within. As such, this is the perfect time to tap in to that heightened awareness and begin to open up and prepare for a complete transformation. Since a main principal of yoga is cultivating contentment and learning the ability to accept whatever shows up in your life with ease, there is no better gift for a mother during pregnancy, birth, and motherhood than to learn these philosophies. Prenatal yoga will help create a connection to the baby and its movements. It promotes relaxation and wellness during pregnancy. In addition, maintaining good posture helps take stress from low back and strengthens the back and spine. Prenatal for yoga can bring the expecting mother an awareness of breath and help teach her breathing techniques and control that she can use during labor. Yoga has been shown to aid in digestion which is excellent since constipation is a common ailment during pregnancy is constipation. Expectant mothers who practice yoga can also learn prop techniques to use for any aches while they trying to sleep, enhance their blood's oxygenation and overall circulation, work through any fears and reduce anxiety by learning visualizations and meditation techniques focusing on letting go of expectations, and learn to honor their body.

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