Am I too old to do yoga?

No, you are not too old to participate in yoga. As with any exercise always have a physical examination from a qualified health care provider to ensure that it is safe for you to participate in exercise. Some chronic conditions such as arthritis may be painful as joint range of motion is restricted.

Yogi Cameron Alborzian
Alternative & Complementary Medicine Specialist

When discussing a beginner's interest in practicing yoga, one thing that is common to hear is how they're not in good enough shape, aren't flexible enough, or otherwise don't fit the mold of what they imagine when they think of the people filling up the fancy yoga studios in New York or Southern California. Added to that list is those who think they don't fit the mold because they're too old.

But here's the thing—there is no mold. Not even close.

Yoga exists quite simply as a system for strengthening and lengthening the body so that the practitioner may be limber and strong enough for prolonged periods of sitting. This will help them to pursue higher practices like breathing and meditation that will ultimately lead them down the path toward a supreme sense of joy. And so, if a person has a body and intends to seek this joy, then they will benefit from practicing yoga postures regardless of their current strength, flexibility, or even age.

That being said, it is ideal to meet yourself wherever you're at—not where you think you should be in comparison with the lithe young people at those fancy studios. Start with very simple postures like child's pose and cat/cow, for they will help you to tune in to your body and determine what an appropriate level of activity may be for your age and physical ability.

You are absolutely never too old for yoga! Yoga can be wonderfully beneficial for older students. Start with an introductory class, such as a Level 1 or restorative class and work up to a higher level if and when you feel ready. You may even find a studio near you that offers a “Yoga for Seniors” class. Once you’ve found the right level class for you, a steady yoga practice will help you build better body alignment, increase your flexibility and strengthen the stabilizing muscles in your body. After practicing for some time, many students find that the benefits of yoga go beyond just the physical.

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