What are natural treatments for women's health issues?

Erika Schwartz, MD
Internal Medicine

There are multiple pieces to the puzzle of a woman's health. The more pieces of the puzzles you put in, the more complete and healthy an outcome you will find. Eating the right foods for you (vegetables, fruits, good protein and fats, and little starches and sugars), exercising regularly (weight training, stretching and cardio almost daily), sleeping (a minimum of 8 hous a night), taking the right supplements for you, addressing psychological and relationship issues and not allowing stress to harm you, and finally making sure your hormone balance is correct with the aid of bioidenticals, human identical hormones, are the most important ingredients of a healthy life. Learning how to listen to your body and not allowing fear or intimidation to rule you and affect your attitude is another important piece of the puzzle you cannot miss out on. At the end of the day it is your body, your life, and you are in control of your outcome.

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