What factors can impact a woman’s sexual response?

Jame K. Heskett, MD
Family Medicine
The biggest factors that impact a woman's sexual response are the following:
1) Stress - Too much stress, being pulled into too many directions, can make sex feel like just one more direction to be pulled in.
2) Physical appearance - Feeling confident physically allows a woman to feel less distracted during sex, worrying about how she looks in her most vulnerable position.
3) Hormones - When a woman's hormones shift throughout the month, and throughout life, her sexual response is impacted. In general, throughout a woman's cycle, the several days around ovulation are the most responsive, but everyone is an individual and it is helpful to pay attention to your own ebb and flow of how your hormones impact your response.
4) Your comfort level with your partner - Trust and comfort go a long way towards enhancing a woman's sexual response. Being with someone who genuinely cares about your experience sexually plays a big role in a positive way.
5) Hydration and circulation - Making sure that your body is well hydrated also will have a positive effect on blood flow and lubrication, both of which enhance the sexual response.
A woman's sexual response and functioning are impacted by several different psychological, biological and social factors. Watch as I discuss some of the factors that affect sexual response.

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