What causes burning vagina symptoms?


Women do not have to suffer with a burning vagina! Many simple steps can help reduce it, but when it is a lingering problem- talk to your GYN practitioner. Some causes of vaginal or vulvar burning can include contact to allergens, various infections, and even some specific skin conditions of the vulva and vaginal tissue.

Some common allergens that trigger "Contact Dermatitis" and burning, all worth avoiding when suffering from vulvar or vaginal issues- can include;

  • soap and body washes
  • chemicals from hot tubs or swimming pools
  • detergent or fabric softener residue on underwear
  • Fragranced panty liners, maxi pads or tampons
  • Spermicides used alone or on condoms
  • Douching products

The most common infections that can cause burning symptoms can include;

  • Monilia/Candidiasis = Yeast, simple or some resistant forms
  • Bacterial Vaginosis {BV}
  • Trichomonas infection
  • Genital Herpes- especially a first or ‘primary outbreak’’
  • HPV or Genital Warts

Skin conditions to ask to be evaluated for when allergens are removed and no infection can be identified, can include:

  • Atrophic Vulvo-Vaginitis, due to low estrogen
  • Lichen Sclerosis [LS], an auto immune thinning condition
  • Desquamative inflammatory vaginitis [DIV]
  • Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome [VVS]
  • Genital Psoriasis
  • Precancerous or carcinoma of the Vulva

A skilled Gyn Physician or Nurse Practitioner can be very helpful, or for difficult cases seeking the help of a Vulvar Dermatology specialist is wise. I have found “The V-Book” tremendously helpful for my patients and my practice as well as “Our Bodies Ourselves”. We have some excellent pages on vaginal dryness and libido at womentowomen.com as well.

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