As a mom, why does my hip hike up and to the right?

Sadie Lincoln
Sadie Lincoln on behalf of barre3
Well, that fact that you are a mom is one big hint for me. In studio I refer to this as “mom hip syndrome”. Both of my kids lived on my right hip for years! It is a constant practice for me to work towards bringing my hips and low back to balance. This “syndrome” is not limited to parents. It is very common. Our hips are meant to be level and square with a neural spine. But, life (like being a mom) takes us out of balance. A simple way you can start to level out your hips is to focus on your feet and weighting both legs evenly while you stand. While standing in line or talking to someone in the office, notice if you are weighting one leg more than the other and jutting your hip out. If you are still holding children, be aware of which side you favor and make an effort to hold them in other ways. Work on drawing up from the core as you weight your feet evenly and stand taller. This will help!

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